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MacroMedics® Vacuum Cushions

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About this product

MacroMedics® Vacuum Cushions are constructed of the highest quality polyamide.

  • Ultra durable, high-quality polyamide
  • Blue color distinguishable in optical imagers
  • Adapters available for any manufacturer's pump only CPC
  • Radiotranslucent
  • Easy to clean
  • Cost-effective
  • MR Safe
155110 VHS3040 Vacuum Cushion, head support, 30x40cm
155140 VHS2550 Vacuum Cushion, head support, 25x50cm
155150 VHSS5070 Vacuum Cushion, head & shoulder support, T-shape, 50x70cm
155210 VBRS5070 Vacuum Cushion, breast support,50x70cm
155300 VPS6565 Vacuum Cushion, pelvic support,65x65cm
155400 VBOS10070 Vacuum Cushion, body support,100x70cm
155410 VBOS10080 Vacuum Cushion, body support,100x80cm
155430 VBOS12080 Vacuum Cushion, body support, 120x80cm
155450 VBOS100150 Vacuum Cushion, body support,100x150cm
155510 VBOS200100 Vacuum Cushion, body support,200x100cm

Product MacroMedics® Vacuum Cushions

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