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MacroBath™ Water bath

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About this product

The MacroBath 3™ water bath contains two main features that differentiate it from other water baths on the market.

The first, its angled bottom, eases mask removal and increases the size of the bath floor, eliminating the need to wedge head & neck masks in the bottom of the bath. Secondly, the MacroBath 3 contains an integrated timer eliminating the need for an external countdown timer.

  • Angled bottom to maximize size and ease removal
  • Custom temperature settings
  • Integrated timer
  • Two-piece lid for maximum working zone
  • Flat bottom for head only masks
  • Angled bottom for head, neck and shoulder masks

MacroBath 3 External dimensions: 54 x 66 x 35 cm (incl handgrips) Working plane: (maximum thermoplastic mask size): 50.5 x 61 cm

Product MacroBath™ Water bath

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