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OmniBoard™ SRS/SRT

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OmniBoard™ SRS/SRT

The MacroMedics DSPS® Double Shell Positioning System strikes the perfect balance among the often competing concerns of patient comfort, accuracy, and throughput in SRS/SRT treatments.

Docking to the OmniBoard or any manufacturer’s head & neck baseplate, the DSPS concept is created around an ultra light carbon fiber cradle with a low attenuation. See more

The advanced double shell design of the DSPS System enables the clinician to achieve high precision immobilization for stereotactic cases, creating a new standard of accuracy in frameless stereotactic radiosurgery.

The DSPS System also fully integrates with the OmniBoard All-In-One Disease Specific Care Platform, enabling quick transitions between SRS/SRT patients and other patient set-ups in CT and the treatment room.

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Key Benefits:

  • Best-in-class immobilization and reproducibility
  • Ultra-low attenuation
  • Cost-effective
  • Docks to any manufacturer’s baseplate
  • Compatible with optical guidance systems
  • Accuracy enables multiple-isocenter treatments with single alignment.

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Product DSPS® Double Shell Positioning System

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